Apr 6, 2022Liked by Kasra

"It did not have to be like this." is such a subtle but powerful line! It didn't have to...but it is and because of that we can choose to soak it up as much as possible and enjoy the ride. I love it! Have a great week :)

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Apr 4, 2022Liked by Kasra

This piece tangentially reminded me of the topic of AI risk in the 2021 Reith Lectures. The Lecturer distinguishes between a computer program which is some code that accomplishes some task, to AI which are "intelligent agents that receive percepts from the environment and take actions that affect that environment"

I'm also now reminded of how Peter Singer closes his book Likewar with "In today's world, you are what you share, and through what you choose, you share who you truly are"

Maybe our absurd meaning in this world should be more akin to a benevolent and conscious AI that learns to effect net good on the world as opposed an inflexible program with a predefined objective...

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